Inside the Colloseum
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+ Comments Inside the Colloseum - 16-10-2009 11:40:51
I got very angry when editing this photo, because once i'd dragged the tonemapped image into Photoshop and done all my editing on it - I went to the save dialog, and as I was typing in the filename - Photoshop just shut down on me. Suffice to say - I was not at all pleased at having to redo all the editing i'd done on it.

That aside, I managed to get the image back to almost how i'd edited the shot first time around - and I rather like it. The HDR image was combined from 3 separate exposures, then constrast added and the image desatured some, with other bits and masks inbetween for the sky.

I've also entered this image into the "Photo of the year" on the photoblogawards website - I can say it is probably one of my best of the year.
Canon EOS 5D
1/83 sec
Flash: Not Detected