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+ Comments Trailing By - 09-09-2009 11:04:25
Another shot of the Colloseum at night - I (un)fortunately managed to steal most of the blue sky from my other half, as we only had 1 tripod to share and by the time it was his turn it was almost black. The Colloseum was one of those landmarks that jump out at you like the Pantheon. You come up the stairs from the metro - walk out the door and suddenly its right there in front of you, just like when you walk down a typical Italian street, come out into the opening and suddenly the Pantheon is right there in front of you. Its really quite a wonderous moment, seeing it like that for the first time - when you're used to only seeing it in books and on the TV.

Certainly a momument I recommend anyone to visit at least once in their life.
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