St. Peters Basilica
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+ Comments St. Peters Basilica - 03-09-2009 14:03:00
Well, now that my last image is featured art @ - i've felt the pressure all morning to post something that could follow it fairly comfortably. I've struggled to process all the shots I took in St. Peters and i'm not really sure why. I shot several images in there on multiple exposures to be converted to HDR, but none of them have come out how I imagined. This one I settled on for composition, but I struggled with creating something special with the original image - so in the end I settled for very little processing at all, and leaving the architecture to speak for itself.

I really was amazed at the size and beauty of St. Peters - a very impressive place, and definately somewhere I would recommend everyone visiting, whether you're religious or not.
Canon EOS 5D
1/20 sec
Flash: Not Fired