Parisian Café
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+ Comments Parisian Café - 16-02-2010 11:33:34
Apologies for not updating here for a week or so, but I had a pretty good excuse from thursday to today. I was taken on a trip by my lovely other half for Valentine's Day, which I assumed was going to be the English countryside after he told me to pack walking boots and waterproofs. Turns out, however - I was actually going to Paris! So yes, I've spent a lovely long weekend in Paris, and of course have a fair number of photos from it - so some of these will be gracing shutterjunkie over the next coming week.

As for this photo - this was the first cafe we walked into on the friday to grab a coffee as it was incredibly cold outside. It was quite extravagent inside with colours everywhere and mirrored ceilings, so I was glad of having my new 12-24mm lens there to get this wide shot.
Canon EOS 5D
1/13 sec
Flash: Not Fired