The Twilight Zone
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+ Comments The Twilight Zone - 23-01-2010 19:09:56
I promised I would have some new material to post on here - and I do after Steve and I went to 'The Deep' in Hull today. I went there just after it opened in about 2001 with my little 2mp point-and-shoot Kodak camera, so I was eager to get some much better photos today. They had also opened a 'Twilight Zone' section of the aquarium since I was last there, which is where this little guy was found. I've had to crop into this shot quite measurably to pick him out, because the tank was set deep into a hole that I had to lean into. Plus, with using my 50mm lens for the f1.4 aperture, I wasn't able to get very close.

It was incredibly dark in there - so the reason I like this shot so much is that it came out pretty sharp with quite a lot of detail despite the very difficult light conditions.
Canon EOS 5D
1/125 sec
Flash: Not Fired